SEO / SEM - Lesson 4 - Google analytics and Shopify analytics

What is analysis? Google says: detailed examination of the elements or structure of something..

In E-commerce it is often about interpreting different statistics, and making decision based on that.

Shopify has built in analytics which overlaps to some degree with what Google analytics offers.

Key numbers and what they entail

Total sales

In Shopify this is defined as “Net sales (gross sales minus discounts and returns) plus taxes and shipping. Includes orders from all sales channels.”

It is important to do an apple to apple comparison, total sales in July should for many businesses be less than in October/November.

By product

Comparing sales by product is important to know which products to discontinue, or that needs to be advertised more.

If a product is selling bad, it is not necessarily a bad product:

Online store sessions

“Number of sessions on your online store. A session is a period of continuous activity from a visitor.”


Sessions by traffic, location, device type and social source

Conversion rate

Driving traffic to your site is useless, if the traffic does not convert.

Things that might affect conversion rate:

A low conversion rate either means you drive irrelevant traffic or your site is bad.

Returning customer rate

Returning customer rate is thus related to customer lifetime value, which is an extremely important metric.

Average order value

Lifetime value of customer

The lifetime value of customer is harder to calculate and will always be a “guess” / estimate. Together with AOV it is important to keep these two metrics in mind before deciding how much to spend on advertising.

Landing pages


Ordervalue * 0.8 - shipping cost - cost of goods = profit

0.8 is to remove the VAT.

Google analytics

All the above statistics can be found in Shopify analytics, so what is Google analytics good for?

Google analytics has more tools to look at the data more in depth and integrations other Google apps like search console and Google ads. For example finding out which Google search or shopping campaign is converting into sales cannot be done without Google analytics.

Views in Google analytics

If you envision all Google analytics data to be a big table with information, a view is a filter on this table. Just like an Airtable view where some records have been filtered.