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How to grow your profile on Instagram

This is a short and practical guide on how to grow your Instagram business account.

Engagement > Followers

If the main goal of your Instagram account is to generate conversions, it is very important to create value for your potential customers. By posting relevant content and engaging with your audience, you will be more likely to get loyal customers. Engagement from followers can be anything from DM’s to likes, comments, or shares. If you only focus on how many followers your profile is gaining, the quality of your audience may decrease. In the end, it is better to ensure that the right people are finding your profile and continue to follow you.

Consistency is key

Now that you have gained some followers, make sure they stay. By sticking to a regular posting schedule, the audience knows what to expect from your account. If your account has periods of time without any new content, the followers might either forget about your brand or lose interest in it. Therefore, scheduling your posts beforehand will make it much easier for your profile to be consistent.

Use both bigger and smaller hashtags

When posting your content, you want to make sure that new potential followers see it. By using both bigger and smaller hashtags on your posts, you increase the chances of many people finding you. Smaller hashtags can reach your specific niche, while bigger hashtags may be browsed by people who did not previously know about your brand.

Influencer marketing

By investing in influencers who already engage with your target group, you can create a sense of trust and also brand awareness. The followers of the influencers already like their content, so it will be beneficial to link your brand to a well-liked public figure. Your brand will be connected to the influencers’ messages, values, and story-telling. Therefore, if you want to grow on Instagram, establish and maintain good relationships with influencers.

Utilize different features

Instagram has been introducing a lot of different features. To name a few, there are posts, Stories, Reels, and IGTV. These features all create opportunities for new brand touchpoints on Instagram. By posting many types of content, potential followers will have more possibilities to find your profile, while existing followers will be constantly reminded of your brand and message.

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