Adtraction is an affiliate network

Publishers promote Famme’s products for a commission

In short:

When a customer gets to our site via a publisher (other website usually, for example a newspaper), and then purchase within X amount of days (in our case with Adtraction it is 45 days), they get a commission on sales on 6-15% depending upon publisher.


Check over transactions to see that they are valid

  1. Go to transactions:
  2. Run the report for 30 days
  3. Look over each order in Shopify
  4. If invalid, or another publishers’ sale, disapprove it


  1. Approve those that are “obvious”, for example if Studentkortet’s dicsount was used on an order, it is their sale
  2. Sale with our influencer’s code are not approved

Affiliate’s “leeching” on sales

Sometimes affiliate gets sales that are not really “their’s to credit”. For example:

Someone searches “famme discount”, they are about to buy famme, they just want a discount.

They go to a “discount site”, which adds a link to famme and says we have 50% off some leggings. The customer goes to our site and purchases something. The affiliate takes credit and commission.

But in this case the customer most likely was about to buy anyways.

Try to go to the following search:

To avoid affiliate’s leeching on sales, we added a page about sale on a discount code to use on